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YUP2 is a great Startup Event Company...

Passionately believing in the promises we make. And promise only what we are passionate about


Who We Are

We are a team of professionals with a wealth of experience in strategic, creative and comprehensive event Planning and Management. We join hands to build a company that makes Young at heart, conceptually Unique events executed Professionally. The event architect company is based in the most modern architectural city Dubai. Yup2 has branch in India, Kerala, Kochi- The GOD's Own Country.

What We Do

Our promise as event architects is to create, develop and deliver multicultural and multilingual events, anywhere around the world at international quality and standards. We would plan, manage and execute conferences, seminars, trade shows, stage shows, corporate events, meetings and sports events.

Our expert team of professionals will do a spectrum of activities from the pre-event research, concept making, event brand design, event teaser, media advertising, online registration campaign, post-event report, locating sponsors and creating investment outline for exclusive events.

Contact Us

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+971 55 102 3535

+971 50 331 0635

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